A Warm Welcome from the Head of Master of Literary and Cultural Studies

Nur Wulan, Ph.D

Warm regards from the Master Program of Literary and Cultural Studies,

Master Program of Literary and Cultural Studies (MPLCS) is one of the study programs that we are proud of in Faculty of Humanities, Airlangga University. Our study program, which primarily highlights a multidisciplinary approach, strives to place literary studies in cultural contexts which also intersect with other established fields of knowledge in the humanities, such as history, linguistics, anthropology, and sociology. Located in Surabaya, the second biggest metropolitan city in Indonesia, MPLCS specifically stresses on the cultural development of the urban society. This is our form of contribution in providing thoughts to understand the dynamics of urban society within the perspectives of critical cultural studies.

After completing a study from MPLCS, the graduates are expected to analyze literary and cultural phenomena using critical theories and approaches, starting from Structural to Postmodern theories. With their critical analysis in literary and cultural field, the graduates of MPLCS are expected to contribute their thoughts in relevant fields, such as journalism, education, research, media, and non-governmental organizations which tackle cultural issues.

As a relatively young study program (established in 2010), MPLCS is proud of its many achievements so far. One of them isachieved of point A for a new study program accreditation which was first conducted in 2013. Supported by academic staff who are averagely in the productive age (aged around 40) and hold doctorate degrees from universities, both local and abroad, MPLCS has an enormous potential to thrive. The expansion of international network, which has been done so far proves that the program has a reputation to be proud of. This is proven by the collaboration with some world class universities, namely Hamburg University, Vrije University, and University of Malaya. Students who want to feel the international academic atmosphere can also take part in student exchange programs in one of the best universities in Asia, with one of them being University of Malaya. Our newest project in an internationalization program of acceleration plan is the Double Degree program, in collaboration with Hamburg University, which hopefully will take place in the near future.

We hope we can be an important part in your intellectual capacity development.